How to Connect with a Live Agent at USCIS

3 min readSep 7, 2023


Navigating the USCIS Immigration Process can be complex and time-consuming, prompting many individuals to seek assistance from USCIS directly. Fortunately, USCIS offers various methods of contact, one of which is a direct phone call to 1–800–375–5283.

Understanding USCIS Customer Service

It’s important to know that USCIS customer service operates on a two-tier model:

  1. Customer Service Representatives (Tier 1): These representatives are your first point of contact when you call. They can assist with basic inquiries and technical difficulties, making them ideal for addressing issues like form completion problems. However, they cannot provide case-specific information or legal advice.
  2. Immigration Service Officers (Tier 2): If the Customer Service Representative cannot address your concern, they will escalate your case to an Immigration Service Officer. These officers have the authority to handle specific questions about your case. However, they still cannot issue duplicate documents, review Requests for Evidence (RFE), or offer legal advice. Both tiers can create service requests to forward your case to relevant service centers.

You can also consider contacting your local service center, which can be found here: Find A USCIS Office | USCIS.

The Automated Service System

Before reaching a live agent, it’s important to understand the automated service system that USCIS has in place due to the high volume of calls they receive. This system aims to provide assistance without involving a live agent. Instead of complex menus, the system now listens to your requests in English or Spanish and attempts to provide relevant information.

When you call, the automated system will first ask if you prefer the Spanish option and then share the latest immigration news. After explaining its capabilities, it will inquire about your needs. Please be patient as the bot only responds after this introduction.

If your query involves reporting a change of address, getting immigration news, finding a doctor for a medical examination, or locating the nearest service center, the bot can provide answers. If you wish to speak to a live agent, simply state your preference, and the bot will transfer your call after asking for the reason behind your call.

When to Contact USCIS

USCIS customer support can assist with various issues, including common reasons such as:

  • Visa-related inquiries
  • Citizenship application questions
  • Updates on visa status
  • Citizenship application requests
  • Scheduling or managing in-person interview appointments
  • Technical support for the USCIS website

Preparation Before You Call

To ensure a productive call, USCIS recommends checking the following items beforehand:

  • Verify your case status.
  • Confirm if any processing time has been applied to your case.
  • Check if your priority date is current.

Additionally, expect a wait time before connecting with a customer service agent. Prepare by:

  • Having pen and paper ready to jot down important information, including the agent’s name, date and time of your call, and any reference numbers provided.
  • Gathering relevant information, such as alien registration numbers and receipt numbers.
  • Allocating sufficient time in your schedule for the conversation.

What USCIS Can and Can’t Do Over the Phone

USCIS has limitations on the assistance they can provide over the phone:

What USCIS Can Do:

  • Provide basic information
  • Assist with form completion
  • Escalate issues to an immigration officer
  • Help with technical problems

What USCIS Can’t Do:

  • Provide legal advice
  • Schedule appointments at local field offices
  • Redirect calls to a field office

Hours of Operation

USCIS customer service operates from 8 AM to 8 PM, Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday. Live agent support is not available on weekends, but the interactive bot remains accessible for basic queries even during weekends.

For more information and assistance, visit the USCIS website.

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