Lawfully Adds a Fee-Free Remittance Service to All-In-One Platform for U.S. Immigrants


Lawfully, creator of the popular immigration status management app for individual immigrants, today announced its remittance service that offers free, fast, and secure international money transfers for immigrants in the United States. With Lawfully, users can easily get money to friends and family back home with no fees and competitive exchange rates. The company currently supports money transfers from the United States to India, Mexico, and the Philippines, with additional countries being added soon.

Since 2020, Lawfully has presented ground-breaking solutions to problems in the United States immigration market through an all-in-one platform. Lawfully combines its immigration law and data science expertise with cutting-edge technologies including artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to offer mobile and web products for immigrants and lawyers, such as case tracking and analysis, video legal consultations, and mock interviews. Today, Lawfully has surpassed 600,000 registered cases and 500,000 app downloads from over 219 countries, with an app rating of 4.7.

Lawfully’s goal is to democratize access to the immigration process. Its first product, Lawfully Case Tracker, empowers immigrants to track and predict their U.S. visa applications based on A.I. empowered algorithms circumventing the stress of checking the USCIS website every day. Last September, they launched Community, one of the most popular features, which provides a space to communicate freely and share their experiences. Adding the remittance service further bolsters an already powerful program.

Lawfully’s remittance service offers:

  • Free, unlimited international money transfers for premium subscribers
  • A flat fee of $5 for non-subscribers
  • Competitive exchange rates that rival old-school banks and other remittance services
  • Transfers within 24 hours
  • A user-friendly interface

“Lawfully is built by immigrants for immigrants. During my immigration journey, I’ve had painful experiences like every immigrant,” says Joon Ahn, CEO of Lawfully. “Once my case was registered, I constantly checked the USCIS website for any update and became so anxious every day. Reflecting on the anxiety and worry at that time, I built the first version of ‘Lawfully Case Tracker’ and released it on the app store just to see if this is what immigrants are looking for. Surprisingly enough, within a year of the launch, it hit 200,000 registered cases. Knowing the pain point of immigrants and tackling challenges ahead of us became my mission from day one. I am committed to being the best companion on your immigration journey and our team will not stop building a community… This is just the beginning. Stay tuned for our next adventure to help immigrants get out of anxiety and worry, and journey on. Immigrate intelligently!”

Lawfully continues to provide resources to immigrants that streamline their process all from one convenient platform.

For more information about Lawfully please visit

About Lawfully: Lawfully, a legaltech startup reimagining the legal industry with innovative technology solutions for both immigration applicants and lawyers. Lawfully is the first and only company that offers both analytics of individual immigration cases and financial services tailored to immigrants. The Lawfully Case Tracker app is available on iOS and Android and for more information, contact Lawfully.



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