Lawfully Closes $2.5M in Seed Funding & Hits 800k Registered Cases on its App

12% of annual green card applicants in the entire U.S. have used Lawfully — Goal to hit 1M cases by EOY

November 02, 2022 07:23 ET | Source: Lawfully

NEW YORK, Nov. 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Lawfully, Inc., creator of the popular immigration status management app for individual immigrants, today announced its raise of $2.5M seed funding from investors including Bluepoint Partners, Lotte Ventures, TBT, and angel investors with a focus on legaltech and AI. Additionally, Lawfully celebrates a noteworthy milestone of more than 800k registered cases on its app, an increase of 400% from the beginning of 2021.

Lawfully officially launched its first product, Lawfully Case Tracker, in 2020 and has seen tremendous growth within its organization and immigrant community from those who are looking for help with their visas and green cards. 12% of green card applicants within the US have used Lawfully’s mobile app, while 80% of users have 1-year retention of ongoing cases, consistent with reports that each year 1 million new green cards and 10 million long-term nonimmigrant visas are issued.

“With immigration laws frequently changing, it can be challenging for applicants to understand the intricate U.S. immigration system,” said Joon Ahn, CEO of Lawfully. “The Lawfully app makes it simple for applicants to view their cases while assisting in the search for legal support from American immigration attorneys. In our opinion, every immigrant should have Lawfully Case Tracker on their phone as it is such an essential tool.”

Lawfully’s reach and growth are not without the help of some leading investors, which include:

  • Bluepoint Partners: The company offers businesses the strategic and financial capabilities of a multinational corporation while being an approachable company with a local presence.
  • Lotte Ventures: The company fosters rapid growth for established firms through fund investments and accelerates programs for early-stage entrepreneurs.
  • Thoughts Become Things (TBT): An ‘ad-venture’ capital firm utilizing industry knowledge and experiences to help you build services and products that can make the world a better place.
  • Angel Investors who support immigrant communities with an interest in immigration, including Sanghun Kim, the former CEO of S. Korea’s #1 search engine company, Naver.

The company also introduced four new features in the last three months, including:

  • Expedite request assistance; subscribers can access tools like statistical data, cover letter templates, tips, and more.
  • Q&A with Lawfully immigration experts; submit an individual question regarding your immigration issue to get an answer from Lawfully’s experts.
  • New analytics of processing time and trend; with time and trend analytics, users have access to processing time from start to end, set the steps, compare their case to similar cases, and estimate how quickly their case will be processed.
  • Interview Reviews; users can access past interview questions and ratings, compare interview experiences with others, as well as access USCIS interview reviews.

About Lawfully, Inc.
Lawfully is a legaltech startup reimagining the legal industry with innovative technology solutions for immigration applicants and lawyers. Lawfully is the first and only company that offers analytics of individual immigration cases and provides visibility to the immigration process. The Lawfully Case Tracker app is available on iOS and Android; for more information, visit



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