Lawfully Tracker-Expedite Request Assistant

🧚Introducing a new feature-”Expedite Request Assistant” ✍️✍️✍️

When your situation might change soon due to work, family, health or anything else, you may need the decision from USCIS sooner. While case processing delays are common, you don’t need to idly wait on USCIS to take action because you can make an Expedite Request to speed up the process.

Lawfully’s new “Expedite Request Assistant” feature empowers you to submit an Expedite Request quicker and easier so that you can get over the hassle.

How does this new feature help?

💡 Overview of the whole process

💡 Statistical data
-when people made expedite requests
-how much it shortened the process
-what the approval rate of the requests were

💡Cover letter templates and samples to use as a starting point

💡 Useful tips for writing a cover letter

🆓 Good news! It’s free to Lawfully Subscribers.



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