New feature: Case Analysis Pro

3 min readDec 18, 2020


By Seongcheol Kim, Engineering Director

We recently released a new version of Lawfully USCIS Case Tracker (iOS and Android) with our first premium feature to deliver more in-depth insight and analysis on your cases than ever before.

Over the past few years, we’ve been collecting immigration case data and building models that use machine learning to predict immigration cases’ processing time. We wanted to go even further with the processing time prediction. It’s because prediction is based on the past data and therefore the result might be different from today’s cases, if the trend suddenly changed. We’re now introducing new features to help you better understand the present status of your case.

Status of similar cases

After launching the Lawfully community, we found that many of our users are looking for other immigrants with similar cases. We thought about how Lawfully can help these users. As a first step, we’re launching a feature to check the current status of other cases filed on similar dates to yours and have the same case information such as category and service center.

Lawfully Case Tracker divides the whole case journey into a maximum of four steps. The number of steps can be different in each case type. Case Analysis Pro shows the numbers of cases on each step and changes in each step’s numbers in the last 7 days. As shown below, you can see how other similar cases are currently distributed.

Please note that all information is provided based on registered cases in the app with daily updates.


Case Analysis Pro is also showing the ranking of your case. It counts the number of cases with similar application file dates to your case behind and ahead of yours. The image below shows you are the 25th out of 93 total similar cases. It means there are 20 cases in the ‘decision’ step, which is ahead of your current status, and 15other cases in the ‘interview’ stage, which is the same stage as yours. The algorithm determines your ranking within the step you are in based on the date cases have entered that stage. Note that all the numbers are based on registered cases in the Lawfully app.

More details on each stage?

To understand more about your case’s current status, we now provide statistics of other cases in the same boat. The list of the information shown, except nationality, differs according to the case type. You can check out the details by clicking on each step. This feature will be rolling out across Android and iOS apps this week.

Update to the latest version of the iOS and Android apps to access these new features. Stay tuned to our blog to learn more about the exciting updates.