What is USCIS Case Tracker? How to Track My Case?

I. What is USCIS Case Tracker?

II. What Does USCIS Case Tracker Shows You

  • Your I-130 has been received: It means you are safe waiting. There is nothing you can do to expedite your case, unless there are some extraordinary circumstances present.
  • USCIS has transferred your case to another office: this is generally a good sign. It means that your I-130 petition has met basic requirements and is being routed to a local official to perform an interview if needed and to make a final decision on your case.
  • Your case has been scheduled for an interview: you’ll need to look out for your appointment notice to find out where and when the I-130 interview will take place. It is very important to be prepared for it, especially when your I-130 is based on marriage.
  • If USCIS has sent you a letter asking for more information, you need to check your mail frequently to make sure you get it. When USCIS asks for more information, generally you may have 90 days to respond.
  • Your I-130 has been denied: There are many reasons why USCIS might refuse to approve an I-130 petition. The reason could be that you didn’t provide enough information such as a relationship with your spouse. Note that normally you will be notified of the problem first, before receiving a denial notice, so you will have a chance to supply follow-up documentation.
  • Your I-130 has been approved: congratulations! But this is only the first step in the process of getting a Green Card. You still need to prepare form I-485 Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, if you stay in the U.S.

III. How to Check Your Case Status



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